TypeTalk and Language Line Services

Commitment to Inclusive Services

It is important for the Council to make their services and information easily available to everyone.

There are some services that can make it easier for you:

Language Line

West Somerset Council has subscribed to a service called Language Line.

Language line is a 24 hour interpreting service, which provides access to qualified interpreters in over 100 languages.

To find out more about Language Line, you can visit their website or call them on 0800 169 2879 


RNID Typetalk is a national telephone relay service which enables deaf, deafblind, deafened, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people to communicate with hearing people anywhere in the world. The aim is to bring the benefits of the telephone to individuals and employees with communication difficulties.

A textphone is an adapted type of telephone often used by people who are severely or profoundly deaf. Textphones are also referred to as Minicoms.

RNID Typetalk provides a link between the textphone user and the hearing person and helps put the hearing impaired caller in touch with the person they wish to speak to. The link is a highly trained RNID Typetalk operator who understands the needs of deaf and speech-impaired people and provides a discreet and confidential translation service.

Typetalk prefix number to use:

Text phone user calling hearing user   - Prefix with 18001

Hearing user calling a text phone user - Prefix with 18002

To find out more about TypeTalk  you can visit their website Text Relay.