Website Statistics

At the end of February 2010 the council started to use Google Analytics to gather our website usage information.

This was in preparation for the launch of our new website, which went live on 24 March 2010. 

Google analytics provide us with more information regarding the website usage.

 Month Unique Visitors Page Views Ave Page Views
March 2018 10,298 53,892 2.77
February 2018 8,420 43,320 2.81
January 2018 9,816 54,902 2.87

* Increased amount of traffic due to health check trying to penetrate the website.

Unique Visitors

Number of client hosts (IP Address) who came to visit the site (& who viewed at least one page).

This data refers to the number of different physical persons who had reached the site.

Page Views

Number of times a page of the site is viewed (sum for all visitor for all visits).

Differs from hits in that it counts only HTML Pages as opposed to images and other files.

Most viewed pages during March 2018

  • /refusecollectionsearch
  • /Home
  • /Recyling---Waste
  • /Planning---Building/Planning/View---Comment-on-a-Planning-Application
  • /Planning---Building/Planning
  • /Planning---Building
  • /Council-Tax---Benefits/Council-Tax
  • /Apply-For-It
  • Council-Tax---Benefits/Council-Tax/About-Council-Tax/Bandings
  • /Transport---Streets/car-Parks---Parking/Car-Parks-in-West-Somerset

Broken Links  

Site Improve provide monthly reports of broken links on our website.

Date of Report No. Broken Links
6 April 2018 5
12 March 2018 5
10 February 2018 2
10 January 2018 5