Transport & Streets

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  • Car Parks & Parking

    Car Parks & Parking

    West Somerset Council owns and operates several car parks throughout the District.

  • Community Transport

    Community Transport

    Community transport in West Somerset operates where other suitable transport is not available. The schemes offer different types of transport to people in areas where there is little or no public transport.

  • Public Transport

    Public Transport

    Somerset is crossed by a network of bus and rail services, complemented by Community Transport and by special tourist bus services to popular destinations.

  • Roads, Highways and Pavements

    Roads, Highways and Pavements

    The County Highways Department are responsible for the road network managing traffic, tackling congestion, informing road users, improving safety and minimising adverse impact on the environment.

  • Street Care & Cleaning

    Street Care & Cleaning

    Information about keeping the streets of West Somerset clean and tidy.