Local Transport Plan

The principles behind the Local Transport Plan (LTP) system are that Local Authorities should be empowered to find local solutions to local problems.

The concept of the Local Transport Plan (LTP) stemmed from the Government's integrated transport white paper A New Deal for Transport - Better for Everyone, published in 1998. More information is available from the Department for Transport www.dft.gov.uk

The LTP is used as a bidding document for Government funding for transport initiatives, and marks a significant improvement over previous funding arrangements. Money is no longer earmarked by Government for specific schemes, but local authorities are given greater freedom to decide how it would most effectively be spent to meet their objectives. Funding is to be allocated on the strength of the strategy content and performance is assessed against specific targets. To match this greater freedom, the Government has made available significant amounts of extra resources to enable local authorities to make the investment that is required to improve transport provision such that people have a genuine choice as to how they travel.

Local Transport Plans need widespread support if they are to be successful in achieving their goals. Authorities must draw up their LTPs in consultation with local people, interest groups and businesses.

Somerset County Council is the Local Authority responsible for producing Somerset's Local Transport Plans.