Pay and Display Ticket Machines

All Pay and Display ticket machines are emptied on a daily basis and serviced regularly.

All our machines will accept overpayment but will not give change. The tickets issued are not transferable between vehicles or car parks.

Weekly tickets cannot be purchased from a ticket machine. They can be either purchased via Phone and Pay or from West Somerset Council. They are permitted in all Long Stay Car Parks.

Parking Charges start at 9am and end at 6pm. Any ticket purchased that would give an expiry time after 6pm will automatically be carried on from 9am the following day.

For example: An all day ticket purchased at 1pm will expire at 1pm the following day.

Purchasing a Pay & Display ticket:

  • Insert coin(s) into meter to the amount required
  • Allow all coins to register on the cash display
  • Press the ticket issue button
  • Your ticket will be printed and must be clearly displayed and secured in the front windscreen of your vehicle.

Please report any machine faults to: