Hinkley Tourism Strategy

A Strategy for Tourism 2015-20

The development of Hinkley Point C (HPC) nuclear power station will provide opportunities and challenges for the tourism industry in Somerset and Exmoor.

In consultation with the tourism industry, the Hinkley Tourism Action Partnership (HTAP) has developed a tourism strategy and action plan to guide direction. The strategy provides an overview of the value of tourism, the opportunities, trends and challenges facing the industry, strategic ambitions and priorities.


"Somerset and Exmoor will have a strong tourism industry that has successfully capitalised on opportunities from the HPC development, leaving a legacy of one of the best managed visitor experiences in the country where businesses are dynamic, resilient and working in partnership to operate at the highest level."

Strategic Aims

  • Improve visitor experiences
  • Attract and retain customers
  • Increase industry resilience
Key Priorities

1. Fostering positive perception and awareness
2. Creating a welcoming and informed travel experience
3. Monitoring impacts on visitors and businesses
4. Evolving new products for changing customer needs
5. Capitalising on digital trends and partnerships
6. Evidence based, targeted marketing campaigns
7. Building long term capacity of industry
8. Encouraging higher value sustainable growth
9. Supporting local distinctiveness and action

Strategic Action Plans

Action plans and supporting strategies will be developed to deliver strategic ambitions and tackle specific challenges. All key documents will be added to this page for download as and when they become available.

Work during 2015-17 has included:

  • Visitor Monitoring Survey: An independent accredited research agency has been employed to carry out four surveys over two years. The first survey was carried out in July/August 2015, and the last in Apr/May 2017.
  • PR: PR agencies have been employed to help in generating positive perceptions of Somerset and Exmoor. The Secret Somerset & Exmoor social media campaign has been the main vehicle for driving activity. Please visit Facebook or Twitter pages. So far nearly 50 pieces of media activity have been generated.
  • Business Support: HTAP has also delivered a number of initiatives to support businesses. This has included the digital and business advice programme of workshops called  Get Business Get Digital, as well as running Welcome International workshops and sponsoring the Bristol, Bath and Somerset Annual Awards.
  • Industry body support: Funds have been made available to support both Visit Exmoor and Visit Somerset in growing capacity, increasing membership benefits and marketing the area to visitors.
  • TIC support: Minehead, Watchet, Porlock, Burnham and Cheddar tourist information and visitor centres are all receiving support from HTAP to deliver first class visitor services.
  • Marketing: An advertising agency has been employed to deliver marketing campaigns to three target markets, as outlined in the Marketing Campaigns Strategy. The Wild West Campaigns began in 2017 and to date have attracted over 200,000 web visits.
  • Visitor Travel: Visitor travel management plans have been put in place to advice, communicate and support the tourism industry in helping visitors to navigate some of the key road works planned under the HPC project.
If you have any queries please contact Robert Downes by email at rdownes@westsomerset.gov.uk.