Tree Management

The Council is responsible for the efficient management of trees in Authority ownership within urban and rural environments.

The law protects certain individual and groups of trees. Those trees that have Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) or are within Conservation Areas are protected under a range of legislation that makes it an offence to carry out any work on those trees without permission from the Local Authority.

Trees that grow on Council-owned property or on public open spaces are also protected as they are deemed as Council Property. Anyone wilfully damaging these can be prosecuted.

The Authority has its own professional tree maintenance team who carries out all appropriate tree care and maintenance to trees owned by the council.

Some advice for private tree owners
  • Always contact the Local Authority to ensure that the trees are not protected by a Tree Protection Order, planning constraints or that the tree is within a Conservation area.
  • Always employ a suitable trained professional Tree Surgeon, who is covered by Public Liability Insurance. (Always ask for proof).
  • Never employ house callers or leaflet droppers claiming to be professional tree surgeons.
  • Reputable Tree Surgeons will always have some form of professional identification and qualification proof. Always ask to see it.
  • Reputable Tree Surgeons can be found in the Yellow Pages or contact us for further advice. 
Carrying out Work/Felling

If you have any queries or would like advice about tree care and maintenance  please contact Customer Services. If you wish to carry out work to a protected tree you must apply to the Council for permission. Application forms and guidance are available from Customer Services.

You can contact us in a number of ways:

By Phone: 01643 703704 - between 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am - 4.30pm on Friday.

By Fax: 01984 633022

By Email:

Also please contact Customer Services if you wish to arrange an appointment for an inspection to be carried out.

Anyone can apply for consent to carry out works but permission may also be needed from the owner of the tree.