Non Material & Material Amendments

Following a grant of planning permission, it may be necessary to make amendments to the permission. There are two potential routes that can be taken dependent on the scale of the changes proposed.

If you are unsure of the appropriate route, you may wish to seek pre-application advice.

Non-material amendments

Where an amendment is non-material, the ‘Non Material Amendments’ procedure can be used.

Whether or not a proposed amendment is non-material will depend on the circumstances of the case - a change which may be ‘non-material’ in one case could be ‘material in another’. There is no statutory definition of non-material, but the Council must be satisfied that the amendment sought is non-material in order to grant an application. If you are uncertain, you may wish to seek pre-application advice.

Please send in FOUR copies of the application form and all supporting documentation, plans, etc.

34. Application for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission

Material amendments

A minor material amendment is one whose scale and nature results in a development which is not substantially different from the one which has been approved. This is not a statutory definition.  Pre-application discussions will be useful to judge the appropriateness of this route in advance of an application being submitted.

This route is usually applicable when the proposal would result in changes to the external details that would materially alter the appearance of the building

Please send in FOUR copies of the application form and all supporting documentation, plans, etc.

Please note that applications may be submitted electronically via the Planning Portal.

This standard form on the Planning Portal should be used to make an application for the removal or variation of a condition following the grant of planning permission.

Find out more about the consent for removal or variation of conditions [PDF]

The standard application forms cover a range of consents, which can be applied for online. When applying online via the Planning Portal, the format of the form will automatically adjust to the nature of the proposed development, so you will be presented with the correct form to submit. When submitting paper forms, however, you must ensure you complete the correct form, otherwise your application will be invalid.