Discharge of Conditions

Applicants, agents and developers are advised that the discharge of conditions on planning approvals are subject to a fee of £97 for non-householder developments, and £28 for householder developments.

The fee, applies to each written request made and are in recognition of the significant amount of officer time devoted to such work. The Government has set a timescale for dealing with requests and fees will be refunded if a response is not sent within 12 weeks from the date of receipt.

Fees apply to all requests for:

  • the discharge of one or more conditions on the same permission; or
  • the written confirmation of compliance with a condition or conditions. 

Any number of conditions may be included on a single request. Fees apply regardless of when permission was granted. 

  • £28 for householder developments
  • £97 for all other developments 

Each request to discharge a condition(s) attracts a fee regardless of the number of conditions (e.g. if conditions are requested to be discharged separately then a fee for each request is payable).

Please send your fee with your request as requests that are received without the appropriate fee will not be considered. If details submitted for Discharge of Condition(s) are not approved and further exchange of information/correspondence/sample is on-going a further fee will not be required. 


A fee is not required for the discharge of conditions attached to applications for Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent. There is also no charge for applications resulting from a condition removing ''permitted development rights'. 

How to make a request 

Requests to discharge conditions or confirmation of compliance with condition(s) can be made using the Planning Portal website or by downloading an approval of details reserved by condition application form, plus accompanying notes and guidance.

All applications should clearly identify the conditions concerned and quote the original planning application reference.

The appropriate fee must be provided with each request. 

Commencement of development, prior to the discharge of relevant conditions will render the development unlawful and could lead to formal enforcement action by the Council.