Accredited Agents

Accredited Agent Scheme

In February 2013 West Somerset Council launched an accredited agents scheme.  The aim of our Accredited Agent scheme is to foster good working relations between the council and planning agents and to promote the submission of planning applications that are of a professional standard.

Accredited Agents are planning agents that:

1. have a proven track record, of submitting applications to us that have all the correct information, drawings and documents, this means no delays in registering their applications,

2. attended the agents forum to keep up to date with local issues,

3. have signed up to the Agents Code of Practice.

The Accredited Agent scheme relates to the ability of Accredited Agents to submit valid planning applications so that we can register them without delay. It does not guarantee that planning permission will be granted. Applications submitted by Accredited Agents are considered in the same way as applications submitted by Agents that are not

To view a list of accredited agents please see the page 'Details of Accredited Agents'

For agents who wish to apply to become part of the scheme please email the Planning team for more information.