Site Preparation Works Condition Discharge

The Site Preparation Works were formerly granted permission on 27th January 2012.

A Section 106 agreement accompanies the planning application.  The details of this are attached to this page on the right hand side under Related Documents.  The full document is listed as the Deed-of-Planning-Obligations-pages-1-to-44-pdf and Deed-of-Planning-Obligations-pages-45-to-85-pdf.  A summary is provided called Site-Preperation-Works-s106-A-Guide1-pdf.

A detailed set of planning conditions were attached to the Decision Notice, some of which need the formal discharge of West Somerset Council.

West Somerset Council has decided to issue an application reference number to each formal condition submission, in order to help facilitate ease of navigation to condition specific documentation.

The table below should be used as a reference point for condition discharge submissions:



Condition Title                  





Phase 0
G36 Residential Amenity - Complaints Handling 3/32/12/003 22/02/2012
G37 Green Lane Preservation in Situ (phase 0) 3/32/12/004 17/02/2012
Phase 1
FP1 Ecological Mitigation and Monitoring Plan 3/32/12/005 23/03/2012
FP2 Dust Management Plan 3/32/12/006 08/03/2012
FP3 Habitat Management Plan 3/32/12/007 21/03/2012
FP4 Surface Water Drainage Works 3/32/12/017 14/03/2012
FP5 Air Quality Monitoring Management Plan 3/32/12/008 08/03/2012
FP6 Noise and Vibration Management Plan 3/32/12/009 16/03/2012
FP8 Traffic Incident Management Plan 3/32/12/010 06/03/2012
FP9 Abnormal Indivisible Loads 3/32/12/011 23/02/2012
FP10 HGV Emissions 3/32/12/012 23/02/2012
FP11 Clearway 3/32/12/013 23/02/2012
FP12 Construction Traffic Management Plan 3/32/12/014 06/03/2012
FP13 Travel Plan 3/32/12/015 06/03/2012
G37 Green Lane Preservation in Situ (Phase 1) 3/32/12/016 22/02/2012

 Phase 2

SP26 Traffic Monitoring and Management System 3/32/12/025 26/07/2012
SP15 Paleontological Remains 3/32/12/033 25/05/2012
SP11 Geology & Contaminated Land 3/32/12/035 20/06/2012
SP22 Scheduled Monument Management Plan  3/32/12/045  17/08/2012 
SP28 Transport: Parking 3/32/12/054 12/09/2012
SP4 & SP16 Water and Sediment Management Plan & Groundwater: Monitoring 3/32/12/055 04/10/2012
SP10 Geology & Contaminated Land: Radiological Monitoring 3/32/12/062 07/11/2012
SP17 Construction Method Statement 3/32/12/063 25/10/2012
SP18 Construction and Environmental Management Plan 3/32/12/064 25/10/2012
SP23 Landscape & Visual Amenity: Proposed Planting 3/32/12/065 26/11/2012
SP24 Socio-economic: Construction Workforce Development Strategy C/32/12/001 13/12/2012
G38 Geology & Contaminated Land: Previously Unidentified Contamination C/32/15/003 28/05/2015
SP14 Noise & Vibration: Control of Noise during Construction & Maintenance C/32/13/005 26/03/2013
SP5 & SP8 Engineering Details of Foreshore Access Road
Flooding: Foreshore Access
C/32/14/010 27/11/2014
SP9 Flooding/Erosion: Retaining Wall C/32/12/006 01/02/2013
SP1 Drainage: Surface Water and Foul Drainage Works (Partial) C/32/15/002 22/05/2015
SP11 Geology & Contaminated Land - Verification Plan C/32/13/002 04/03/2013
SP20 Site Waste Management Plan C/32/13/003 04/03/2013
FP14 Ecology: Wildlife Mitigation Measures - Reptiles C/32/13/004 25/02/2013
SP14 Noise & Vibration: Control of Noise during Construction & Maintenance C/32/13/005 26/03/2013
SP3 Drainage: Holford Culvert Flood Risk Management Strategy C/32/13/012 20/01/2014
SP2 Drainage: Culver of Holford Stream C/32/14/003 17/04/2014
G37 Historic Environment, Ecology and Landscape: Green Lane - Preservation in situ C/32/14/007 17/09/2014
SP19 Materials Management Plan C/32/16/003 17/06/2016
SP21 Soil Management Plan C/32/14/004 11/04/2014
G18 Landscape and Visual: Temporary Lighting C/32/14/007 17/09/2014

A copy of the relevant condition discharge submission and its decision notice can be found by using the corresponding application reference number in our Planning Search System.

Further Information

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