Hinkley Point Development Consent Order Application

On 19th March 2013 the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change granted a Development Consent Order (DCO) to EDF Energy to build and operate Hinkley Point C and Associated Development.

Documents relating to the decision can be found by viewing the case file on the National Infrastructure Directorate website.

The Process

  • Pre application consultation was undertaken by EDF.  Public consultations were undertaken in 4 stages between November 2009 to August 2011.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping report submitted to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (IPC) (now the National Infrastructure Planning at the Planning Inspectorate) January 2010.
  • The IPC’s formal Scoping Opinion on the proposed development was published in April 2010.
  • Submission of EDF Energy's application to the IPC on 31 October 2011.
  • Pre-examination, interested persons registered and made representations.
  • The Planning Inspectorate accepted the application for examination on 24th November 2011.  The application did meet the standards required to be formally accepted for examination. 
  • Examination, a six month period where the Planning Inspectorate considered the application, interested persons views, representations and evidence.  Several Hearings were undertaken and West Somerset Council along with Sedgemoor District Council and Somerset County Council submitted a Joint Local Impact Report.  Examination ended on 21st September 2012.
  • The Planning Inspectorate made a recommendation to The Secretary of State on 19th December 2012.
  • Decision, an order was made on 18th March 2013 by The Secretary of State
  • Legal Challenge, known as a Judicial Review.  A six week period ending on the 29th April 2013 saw two legal challenges.  One made by Greenpeace and the other by An Taisce, the National Trust’s counterpart in Ireland.
Where we are now?

The Hinkley Point C (Nuclear Generating Station) Order 2013 came into force on the 9th April 2013.  EDF Energy is currently submitting applications to the appropriate authority to discharge requirements, which are similar to planning conditions.  The submission will go to either West Somerset Council, Sedgemoor District Council, Somerset County Council or the Marine Management organisation.

Hinkley Point C has been subject to two challenges:

The first was from An Taisce (the National Trust for Ireland), who challenged on the ground that the Irish government should have been consulted on transboundary effects as part of environmental impact assessment. This was heard in the High Court on 5 December 2013 and the claimant’s case was dismissed.

The second was from Greenpeace, who argued that development consent should not have been granted when the Government had no viable option for the long-term storage of nuclear waste. The challenge was dropped in October 2013.

EDF Energy and the China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) signed the Strategic Investment Agreement on the 21 October 2015. Under this agreement EDF has a 66.5% share in Hinkley Point C while CGN has 33.5%.

On the 28 July 2016 EDF Board of Directors approved the Final Investment Decision two build Hinkley Point C. 

Immediately following this decision, the UK Government launched a further review of the scheme before contacts were signed delaying a final decision until autumn 2016. On the 29 September 2016 the UK Government, EDF Energy and CGN signed the final documents to enable the HPC project to go-ahead.

Requirements of the DCO are being discharged by West Somerset Council upon each formal Requirement submission.

Further Information

If you require further information on Hinkley Point C, please contact: planningemail@westsomerset.gov.uk

Alternatively contact the Major Projects team on 01984 635245.