Development Consent Order (DCO) Requirements Discharge

On 19th March 2013 the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change granted a development consent order to EDF Energy to build and operate Hinkley Point C and associated development. The consent order contains a list of requirements, similar to planning conditions.  Some of the requirements will need to be discharged by the council.

West Somerset Council will issue an application reference number to each formal requirement submission, in order to help facilitate ease of navigation to requirement specific documentation.

The table below should be used as a reference point for requirement discharge submissions:

Requirement Reference No Requirement Title Application Reference Date Discharged
Project Wide
PW9 HGV Traffic Rmi/32/14/006 18/07/2014
PW11 Waste Management Implementation Strategy Rmi/32/13/003 25/07/2013
PW18 Residential Amenity - Complaints Handling Rmi/32/13/001 24/06/2013
PW21 Noise Monitoring Scheme (Offsite Associated Development sites) Rmi/32/14/003 17/04/2014
Main Site
MS2 Air Quality Monitoring Scheme Rmi/32/13/004 22/07/2013
MS3 Drainage: Surface Water Monitoring Rmi/32/14/007 25/07/2014
MS4 Groundwater: Monitoring Rmi/32/14/008 30/07/2014
MS5 Soil Management Measures Rmi/32/16/002 Not Available
MS6 Stockpiling Rmi/32/14/005 15/05/2014
MS11 Noise Monitoring Scheme Rmi/32/13/002 22/07/2013
MS22 Bridge RM/32/15/001 01/04/2016
MS23 Emergency Access Road Rmi/32/16/001 24/04/2016
MS26 Landscape works:Advanced Planting South of 144750mN RM/32/16/002 12/05/2016
MS30 Surface Water Drainage C/32/16/001 01/04/2016
HPC Development Site: site preparation works
P1 Ecology: tree protection Rmi/32/14/001 17/04/2014
P2 Ecology: wildlife mitigation measures - reptiles Rmi/32/14/002 17/04/2014
P6 Historic Environment, Ecology and Landscape Green Lane: Preservation in Situ Rmi/32/14/004 02/05/2014
P10 Surface Water Drainage RM/32/16/004 04/08/2016
WP2 Vegetation Clearance Rmi/32/13/005 15/07/2013
WP4 Landscape Works Rmi/39/13/001 * 20/08/2013

A copy of the relevant condition discharge submission and its decision notice can be found by using the corresponding application reference number in our Planning Search System.

* Please note this Application Reference number has been changed from Rmi/32/13/006

Further Information

If you require further information on Hinkley Point C, please contact:

Alternatively contact the Major Projects team on 01984 635245