Hinkley Point

Hinkley PointProposed New Nuclear Power Station, Hinkley Point C

EDF Energy is proposing to build two new nuclear reactors, known collectively as Hinkley Point C, at Hinkley Point in West Somerset.

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The Development Consent Order

On 19th March 2013 the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change granted a development consent order to EDF Energy to build and operate Hinkley Point C and associated development. The decision follows the submission of EDF Energy's application to the Infrastructure Planning Commission (now the Planning Inspectorate) on 31 October 2011.

Documents relating to the decision can be found by viewing the case file on the National Infrastructure Directorate website.

What is happening at Hinkley Point C

EDF's Site Preparation Works application (3/32/10/037) was granted consent on the 27th January 2012. The decision was issued alongside a Section 106 Agreement and a series of phase related conditions. Prior to works commencing EDF are required to discharge the relevant conditions and obligations with the relevant authority.

Application reference number 3/32/10/037 for Site Preparation Works contains 5 phases. 

  • Phase 0, pre-commencement works, this includes removal of three barns and an area of trees, construction of site fencing and associated perimeter access road and archaeological work.
  • Phase 1, site preparation works vegetation clearance, this includes construction of site fencing and associated perimeter access road, establishment of the alternative footpaths, archaeological work and removal of trees and hedgerows.
  • Phase 2, site preparation works earthworks, deep excavations, provision and relocation of drainage infrastructure and site establishment works.
  • Phase 3, post completion pre-“follow on “ works include ongoing management and maintenance of the site.
  • Phase 4, potential site preparation works reinstatement of the site.

EDF Energy have completed Phase 0 to Phase 2 of the Site Preparation Works and have now ‘transitioned’ to the DCO consent.  West Somerset Council monitors and controls the works via conditions, obligations and requirements set out in the Decision Notice, the Section 106 legal agreement and the Development Consent Order.

Further Information

If you require further information on Hinkley Point C, please contact: planningemail@westsomerset.gov.uk

Alternatively contact the Major Projects team on 01984 635245

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