Tree Preservation Orders


Communities and Local Government deals with all matters relating to 'amenity trees'; those trees that are grown mainly because they help to improve the quality of our lives, rather than for their value as a timber crop. Amenity trees are found in town and country gardens, parks and other open spaces, or lining the sides of streets, railways, rivers and canals. Not only do they make places more attractive, but they also provide valuable habitats for wildlife, improve the air we breathe, help to conserve energy and much more.

Tree protection and legislation

To check whether a tree is protected and to make an application to carry out pruning or felling work to a protected tree, you should contact West Somerset Council.

If permission is required an application form, help notes, guidance and a checklist of the documents to be submitted with the application can be downloaded from the Trees and Hedges page.

More detailed information on the current tree preservation system is available from DCLG website - Protected Trees: A guide to Tree Preservation Orders

And from the Protected Trees Guide on the right hand side of this page.