Local Plan 2006

Following adoption of the West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 in November 2016, the West Somerset District Local Plan adopted in 2006 has been superseded.

The West Somerset Local Plan included planning policies for the administrative area of West Somerset, excluding Exmoor National Park for which the Exmoor National Park Authority prepared a separate Local Plan. 

Purpose of the Local Plan

The guidance under which Local Plans were prepared,  PPG12: Development Plans, stated that "the Local Plan sets out detailed policies and specific proposals for the development and use of land, and should guide most day-to-day planning decisions" in particular it must:

  • set out the Council’s policies for the control of developments;
  • (make proposals for the development and use of land and allocate land for specific purposes;
  • include policies in respect of the conservation of the natural beauty and amenity of land;
  • include proposals for the improvement of the physical environment;
  • include proposals for the management of traffic;
  • provide a basis for the investment programmes of infrastructure agencies;
  • offer local communities the opportunity to participate in planning choices about where development should be accommodated.

The Adopted West Somerset District Local Plan (April 2006) contains an extensive range of policies, which help the Council determine planning applications in a consistent manner within the context of  national planning guidance.  It forms part of the statutory Development Plan for the area.  Major subject areas include: 

  • Settlement Policy
  • Employment and Housing
  • Landscape Conservation

To complement the words a Proposals Map of the whole Plan area and Inset Maps for each of the settlements – going down to 19 defined small villages – serve to illustrate particular policy areas such as development allocations and categories of open space.

Key stages / documents in the preparation of the Local Plan were as follows: 

  • Deposit Draft  - June 1998
  • Proposed (Pre-Inquiry) Changes - November 2000
  • Revised Proposed (Pre-Inquiry) Changes - October 2001
  • Public Local Inquiry into objections to the plan’s proposals -  February to April 2002
  • Inspector’s Report on the Public Local Inquiry - July 2003 
  • Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan  - April 2005
  • West Somerset Local Plan Proposed Modifications - Statement of Decisions -  March 2006
  • West Somerset District Local Plan Adopted - April 2006 (see 'Notice of Adoption' in Related Documents on this page).
  • Most West Somerset District Local Plan policies saved beyond three years by the Secretary of State's Direction - April 2009. 
Saving of Local Plan Policies beyond three years:

As part of the transition to Local Development Frameworks, the policies of adopted local plans were automatically saved for three years from the date of adoption (17th April 2006 in the case of West Somerset’s Local Plan).  Following that, continuation of the policies is dependent on the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government making a Direction to save policies beyond three years following an assessment of their continuing relevance and consistency with current government planning policies.

The Secretary of State issued a direction on 1st April 2009 saving the majority of the plan’s policies. A copy of the Saving Direction can be found under Related Documents on this page.  The definitive set of saved policies is set out in the document 'Local Plan Written Statement 27th April 2010' in Related Documents for  this page.

The Saved West Somerset District Local Plan:

The full text of the Saved, Adopted West Somerset District Plan can also be downloaded from Related Documents on this page: General Policies, the Individual Settlement Sections and Appendices.  Please read the 'Important Notes to Accompany Local Plan' as well. It is emphasised that the 'greyed out' policies in the plan text have not been saved.

Saved Adopted West Somerset District Local Plan 2006 Proposals Maps:

The adopted Local Plan's proposals map and insets can also be accessed via the Related Documents links on the right.  The main proposals map key is on the corner of the map, the inset plan key is a separate pdf document in the list.

Status of the West Somerset District Plan's policies following the adoption of the West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 -

Please see the appendices to the new plan for the present status of some retained 2006 Local Plan policies.

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