Minerals Local Plan

Minerals are an essential part of our day-to-day to lives. The bricks in our homes, the pavements in our towns and the shops we visit all rely on minerals in their construction.

Demand for minerals places extra pressure on our local environment. This is where the Minerals Local Plan comes in.

The Minerals Local Plan aims to strike a balance between society's needs for minerals and the need to protect our local environment. Every Council in the UK has a legal duty to publish a Minerals Local Plan.

The National Planning Policy Framework (section 13 "facilitating the sustainable use of minerals") contains the current government guidance should you require further information.

Somerset County Council is the Local Authority responsible for producing Somerset's Mineral Local Plan.

The Somerset Minerals Plan was adopted in February 2015, covering the period up to 2030.  The documents can be viewed and downloaded here.

Page last updated 11th April 2018