West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 Submission

The Local Plan was submitted on 31st July 2015.

The Planning Inspectorate will appoint an independent Planning Inspector, on behalf of the Secretary of State, to look at all the documentation and information submitted and oversee the formal examination of the plan.

All parties who submitted representations in response to the recent publication of the plan will receive a letter or email from the programme officer confirming the date, time and place of the examination hearings and the name of the appointed inspector.

The WSLP sets out policies for the allocation of land as key strategic development sites across the parts of West Somerset District  lying outside the Exmoor National Park up to 2032.  It also contains strategic development management policies against which planning applications will be considered.  Once adopted, the WSLP will become part of the statutory development plan for the Local Planning Authority area which provides the basis for determining planning applications within the area.

The WSLP replaces many of the policies of the Council’s previous local plan which was adopted in 2006.  It defines a hierarchy of settlements ranging from Minehead, Watchet and Williton, which will accommodate the significant proportion of the Borough's future growth, through to the primary and secondary villages which will be expected to play a lesser role in meeting requirements, although  not through formal allocations of land for development.  The document also includes policies setting out the approach that will be taken towards environmental protection.

The WSLP has undergone a number of stages of preparation, starting with an Issues and Options consultations in 2009/2010, a Preferred Strategy consultation in March / April 2012, a Revised Preferred Strategy consultation during Summer 2013 and a Publication Draft Plan representation period during February - March 2015.

All proposed submission documents, and the representations received during the Publication Draft Plan representation period, can be viewed on the Council's website and at: West Somerset Council Offices, West Somerset House, Killick Way, Williton. TA4 4QA.

For any queries regarding the Examination please contact the Programme Officer Mrs. Salla Arnold by e-mail: ProgrammeOfficer@westsomerset.gov.uk 

It is anticipated that the Examination will be held during the autumn of 2015 with adoption of the plan in winter 2016.

Submission Documents:

Ref PDF Date
SD1 Submission Covering letter to PINS July 2015
SD2 Summary of responses made under Regulation 20 to the formal publication of the West Somerset Local Plan July 2015
SD3 Statement of Representations Procedure and Response Form  
SD4 Submission Draft July 2015
SD5 Appendix 1 Submission Draft Figures and Proposals Map Amendments  
SD6 Appendix 2 Schedule of which 2006 Saved, Adopted West Somerset District Local-Plan Policies  
SD7 Submission Response Report Proposed Minor Changes (as amended by the Local Development Panel 10.6.15)  June 2015
SD8 2006 Adopted Proposals Map for the West Somerset District Local Plan  
SD9 Revised Submission West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 Statement of Consultation June 2015
SD10 Habitat Regulations Assessment Dec 2014
SD11 Sustainability Appraisal Report, Non-Technical Summary Dec 2014
SD12 Sustainability Appraisal Report Part 1 Introduction and Methodology Dec 2014
SD13 Sustainability Appraisal Report Part 2 Scoping Information Dec 2014
SD14 Sustainability Appraisal Report Part 3A Results – Assessment of Alternatives Dec 2014
SD15 Sustainability Appraisal Report Part 3B Results – Assessment of Publication Draft Dec 2014
SD16 West Somerset Local Development Scheme for the period 1st April 2013 – 31st March 2016 Jan 2015
SD17 Duty to Co-operate Statement Dec 2014
SD18 Infrastructure Delivery Plan Dec 2014
SD19 Statement of Community Involvement (revised) Dec 2014
SD20 Equalities Impact Assessment Dec 2014
SD21 Submission Documents
(responses made during the formal publication deposit period for the Local Plan)

 Evidence Base items:

EB1 Strategic Housing Market Assessment for the Northern Peninsula  Dec 2008
EB2 Strategic Housing Market Assessment West Somerset Update Nov 2013
EB3 Northern Peninsula Housing Market Area, Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Update, Final Report Jan 2015
EB4 West Somerset Strategic Housing Viability Assessment 2014
EB5 West Somerset Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Update 2015
EB6 Gypsy and Traveller Needs Assessment Update Somerset Local Planning Authorities Oct 2013
EB7 West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 Strategy and Housing Topic Paper Jan 2015
EB8 Employment Land Review Stage 1 Report on behalf of West Somerset District Council       Mar 2009
EB9 Employment Land Review Stage 2 Report on behalf of West Somerset District Council Mar 2010
EB10 Employment Land Review Stage 3 Report  on behalf of West Somerset District Council April 2010

West Somerset Local Planning Authority Area Town and Village Centres Study (Appendices 2, 3, 4, 5, 6i, 6ii and expenditure leakage maps can be accessed here.)  

Nov 2011
EB12 West Somerset Council & Exmoor National Park Authority Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 (Figures and Appendices can be accessed here). Mar 2009
EB13 West Somerset Council Level 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Final Report (Figures and Appendices can be accessed here) Oct 2010
EB14 West Somerset Council LPA Historic Environment Issues Paper Apr 2014
EB15 West Somerset Landscape Character Assessment 1999  1999
EB16 Examination of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan - Inspector's Initial Report July 2014
EB17 West Somerset Housing Trajectory Oct 2015
EB18 West Somerset Council Authority Monitoring Report 2012 to 2014 Oct 2015
EB19 Parsonage Farmhouse Watchet Heritage Assessment Aug 2015
EB20 Landscape Character Assessment of Potential Strategic Locations for Development Feb 2015
EB21 Northern Peninsula SHMA 2012 based Household Projections Report Dec 2015
EB22 Understanding Changes in Population and Household Projections WSC November 2015 Nov 2015

NPHMA A Strategic Housing Viability Assessment Study Part 1: Report

NPHMA A Strategic Housing Viability Assessment Study Part 2: Residual Land Values

Oct 2008
EB24 West Somerset Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) 2014-2015  
EB25 Local Development Panel Meeting Oct 2011
EB26 Local Development Panel Meeting Oct 2012
EB27 Local Development Panel Meeting Apr 2013
EB28 Local Development Panel Meeting Oct 2014

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