Housing & Community Evidence

West Somerset Local Plan to 2032 Strategy and Housing Topic Paper January 2015:

This document is a key piece of evidence supporting the housing aspect of the new Local Plan to 2032.

Strategic Housing Viability Assessment (SHVA):

The National Planning Policy Framework requires that local planning authorities should demonstrate that its local plan strategy is viable (NPPF Para. 173 refers).  The full document can be downloaded from the linked SHVA page.

Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA):

Strategic Housing market Assessments describe the characteristics of the housing market within a defined area and set out how well it provides for the population of the area.  West Somerset is covered by two overlapping Housing Market Areas (HMA).   Further details can be downloaded from the Strategic Housing Market Assessment page.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA):

The West Somerset Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) was signed off by the Somerset Housing Market Partnership on the 25th March 2010.  The document, prepared on behalf of the Council in compliance with the requirements of PPS3 demonstrates that the Council has a five year supply of readily developable housing sites. 
This involved the assessment of how well land being put forward as having potential for development performed in terms of the PPS3 guidance on land supply, i.e. to what extent it is available, suitable and achievable in terms of its development within the following five years.  The current guidance on housing land supply is set out in section 6 of the National Planning Policy Framework (Delivering a wide choice of high quality homes).

Housing Land Availability Report March 2017:

Annual report containing information on the availability of land housing, current development and completions within the West Somerset Planning Area. 

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment:

A County-wide study carried out, amongst other reasons, to inform the approach of Local Plans to the accommodation needs of the Gypsy and Traveller communities over the period being planned for.  The 2010 study and 2013 update together cover the period to 2032.

Sport and Recreation Facilities Study:

This work provides a clear picture of the existing recreational facilities within the Local Plan area and identifies shortfall in provision.