Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study

The Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study helps with future planning in West Somerset.  It responds to the government’s Planning Policy Statement 1: Delivering Sustainable Development and the draft National Planning Policy Framework.

Amongst other things, the study explores:
  • how much fuel local homes and non-domestic properties currently use
  • what future fuel demands may be
  • what types of technology are available for homes, businesses and developers
  • incentives, such as the Feed in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive, which can be used to subsidise the installation of micro-generating technologies
  • the maximum energy generation which could arise from renewable and low carbon energy resources
  • how planning policy could help to deliver greater renewable energy generation
  • what all of these could mean for the area if local targets for energy generation from renewable resources are pursued.
Headlines from the report include:
  • energy consumption is likely to continue to fall slightly in coming years due to rising costs, increasing efficiency of electrical appliances and retro-fitting of energy saving and generating measures in houses;
  • the maximum renewable energy generation potential in West Somerset
  • local opportunities to developing alternative energy resources
  • the challenges faced if the local area adopts targets for the generation of renewable energy similar to those set nationally
  • a number of suggested renewable and low carbon energy development planning policies, which could be included within planning documents such as the emerging Local Plan, Neighbourhood Plans, masterplans or supplementary planning documents
  • further work that would need completing to respond more fully to the identified maximum renewable energy potential, including steps needed to define realistic and deliverable projects. 

The full report is available to download from the Related Documents section on this page.  The first document including the "Headline Summary" gives a good overview of the report's contents.