Employment Land Review

The Employment Land Review forms part of the evidence base for the production of the Local Plan. The form and content of the documents that comprise the Employment Land Review have been compiled in order to be consistent with advice issued by Central Government and contained within; Employment Land Reviews: Guidance Note (2004). The bulk of the work that informed the Employment Land Review was carried out prior to the publication of; PPS 4: Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth (2009), but the guidance contained within this document does not significantly conflict with the assumptions included as part of the Review.

The Employment Land Review provides an assessment of existing industrial estates, enterprise parks and other concentrations of primarily non-retail businesses and, land that potentially could be allocated for employment use in the future. It provides analysis of past supply and demand, looking at trends and changes in the type and nature of local businesses and employment.

It also provides a general assessment of development of particular use classes (B.1 – Light industrial, Commercial Office and, Research & Development; B.2 – General Industrial; and, B.8 Storage and Warehousing), including an indicative projection of the amount of future land that may be required in the future to meet anticipated demand.

The sites assessed for their potential use for employment in the future that have not been previously developed, have been done on the basis of ‘no commitment' on the part of Council. Just because a piece of land has been considered through this process, it does not imply that it would receive planning consent for employment uses should a planning application then be submitted. The information contained in the Employment Land Review will inform and influence the strategy, policy and their justification included in subsequent LDF documents.

2016 Strategic Employment Land Call for Sites:
West Somerset Council is currently inviting developers and landowners to promote land in the District that might be suitable for new homes and jobs - including affordable housing, gypsy and traveller sites, self-build and/or employment development. This call for sites has been jointly issued with Taunton Deane Borough Council.

A preliminary assessment of each site promoted will be made by Council Officers against relevant national and Local Policies (such as Flood Risk, Highways, Ecological Regulations and Planning Policy).  A relevant panel of experts will then assist in the selection of sites for inclusion in future Employment Land Availability reports. Putting a site forward does not automatically mean that it will be allocated or that its development will be supported by the Council.  However all suggestions will be considered.

Those wishing to submit sites for consideration should complete a site submission form, available to download here, and return it to the Council by Wednesday 30th November 2016.  It should be noted that the Council can only accept forms received from landowners and developers / agents acting on their behalf under direction.

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