Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we take?
The majority of searches are returned within 5 workings days, hopefully quicker, providing they are received by 9.00am. Searches received after this time, including NLIS searches, will normally be processed the next working day. Some searches may require additional investigation by us, but we will let you know if this will take longer than 10 working days as soon as is reasonably possible.

Do you answer the drainage/water/sewerage questions?
No. As of 1st April 2002 a separate search should be made to Wessex Water, telephone (01225) 526333.

Who is the cheque made payable to?
West Somerset Council.

Can you tell me who owns a piece of land?
No, this Department holds no information regarding land ownership. We will be able to tell you whether the land is owned by West Somerset Council. For other land this information is held at the Land Registry at Plymouth. They can be contacted on (01752) 636000.

Can you tell me the boundary of my property?
No, we hold no information regarding boundaries. They are a complex subject in themselves. The starting place for this information is the deeds of the property. You may need to employ the services of a legally qualified person or qualified surveyor.

Are you on the Document Exchange (DX)?
Yes,  Williton 117701.   We will also send the searches back via the DX system if possible.

Does a commercial search cost more than a residential search?
No – the fee is the same.

Do I need to send you any plans of the property?
Yes - we require an A4 plan in duplicate with the property to be searched on clearly outlined in red.

What is the difference between a Personal Search and a Local Authority Search?
A Personal Search will provide you with information similar to that of an LLC1 request but its content is your own responsibility and its accuracy is not guaranteed by the Council.

Do you do the Commons Register search/How much is it?
The Commons Register search is now question 22 on the CON29O form and should be sent to us. The Commons Register is maintained by Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton, TA1 4DY.

The fee can be found on the current list of fees.

Local Land Charges
Disclaimer: These fees are issued only for guidance. In any case of doubt, or where a definition is required, reference should be made to the Local Land Charges Act 1975 (as amended), The Local Land Charges Rules 1977 (as amended) and The Local Land Charges (Amendment) Rules 2003.