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Why are you queuing to pay?

    Why are you queuing to pay?

    Put your feet up and pay your Council Tax and Business Rates in a number of ways without having to queue at our office.




    How you can pay


    Payments can be made by using our secure payments web pages by clicking on the "Pay For It" tab on the right hand side of this page.

    Internet BankingInternet Banking 

    If you would like to pay using your own internet banking service, our bank details are:

    Council Tax - Nat West Bank Plc, Minehead, Sort Code: 60 14 30, Account Number: 44310048, Account Name: WSC Council Tax A/C

    Business Rates - Nat West Bank Plc, Minehead Sort Code: 60 14 30, Account Number 73615927, Account Name: WSC NNDR A/C 

    Direct DebitDirect Debit

    Providing that you have a current bank or building society account please contact Customer Services on 01643 703704. Once your Direct Debit has been set up, there will be, no more cheques to write and no more queuing to make payments. 


    If you have a debit/card card you can pay using the Council's automated 24 hour telephone service on 01643 703704

    When you can pay


    The statutory scheme of payments is by ten monthly instalments, these are due on the 1st of each month, commencing on 1st April the final instalment being due on 1st January. (Direct Debit instalments currently offered include the 1st, 8th, 15th and 23rd). Details of your monthly instalments are shown on the bill.

    Council Tax payers are able to pay their monthly instalments over the whole financial year (twelve months) instead of the usual ten.

    To request twelve monthly instalments please complete the Council Tax Twelve Monthly Instalment Plan online form.


    Payments will also be allowed on a yearly basis provided that the full year's charge is paid before 15th April.

    Twice Yearly

    Half yearly payments will be allowed if the first half is paid before 15th April and the second half year before 15th September.