Assessment Criteria

Completed application forms will be assessed against the following criteria:
  • Priority Impact Zones - Priority shall be given to those areas that are anticipated to experience or which actually experience the greatest adverse impact from the HPC Development. Such as those closest to the development or along the main transport routes.
  • Quality of Life - The project should enhance the quality of life of communities affected by the Hinkley Point C development.
  • Sustainability - The project should contribute to the wider goal of achieving sustainable communities, contributing to regeneration objectives and achieving higher standards of environmental sustainability.
  • Extent of benefit - The project should enhance community life for a significant number of people.
  • Community Need - The project should be addressing a specific community need.
  • Community Support - The project should have support from the local community and other organisations.
  • Partner Support - The project should, where relevant, have local partner support.
  • Governance - Governance arrangements should be in place, including financial and project management, to ensure deliverability.
  • Value for Money - The project should represent value for money. The Board will be seeking to ensure that reasonable efforts have been made to maximise the impact of any investment, for example securing match funding where appropriate.