About the Fund

EDF Energy was granted planning permission by West Somerset Council to make a start on preparing the site at Hinkley Point C for a new power station. A legal agreement (known as a Section 106 legal agreement) between the local councils (West Somerset, Sedgemoor District & Somerset County Councils) was made.

As part of the mitigation measures the agreement included a £7.2million fund (The Community Impact Mitigation Fund (CIM) to be spent on improvements for communities most affected by the impacts of the development.

To assist with the distribution of the fund a board has been set up including representatives of the three Councils and EDF Energy. The board will assess bids for grants based on the terms of the legal agreement and make a recommendation to West Somerset Council's Cabinet or Full Council committee meetings.

A copy of the relevant section of the legal agreement is available to download from the menu on the right hand side of this page.

There are other funds available to communities affected by the Hinkley Point C development.  Please visit  hpcfunds.co.uk before proceeding with your application to the HPC CIM Fund to ensure you are applying to the correct fund for your project.


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