Our website is intended to make finding information about services provided by West Somerset Council, its partners and central government straightforward and logical.

This page provides guidance on how to navigate the site and what features can be found on each page.

Site Navigation

Every page contains a navigation strip along the top of the page. This is made up of 10 different sections listed below.

These main section headings lead through to mini home pages which can profile up to 5 services with a thumbnail picture and some introductory text about that service.

Site Wide Features

There are some features that appear as standard at the top of every page of the site.

Homepage link

You can return to the homepage from every page by clicking on the West Somerset Council logo which you will find at the top left hand corner of each page.


You can search the site using keywords.

Text Size

If the text size is too small for you, then you can resize it using the options at the top of each page.

Contrast of page

You can change the colour contrast of the page using the High Contrast option at the top of each page.

A-Z of Services


From the A-Z link at the top of each page you can access our A-Z of services. If you have a problem finding information on the web site via the navigation or the A-Z, please contact us.

Content Pages

On each content page you can access information relating to a particular service. This information will appear in the central column of the page. Any additional information is located in the right hand column where appropriate - not all pages have them in which case the page will flow across the whole content area. The following elements are available on our content pages.

A-Z of Services

From the A-Z link at the top of each page you can access our A-Z of services.

Related Documents

In the right hand column of each page and also within the general body text you will find links to Word/PDF/Excel and other documents. If you are unable read these documents you can download free viewer plug-ins to assist you.

Online Forms

Access an interactive electronic form to contact us about a service. Alternatively you can access all our Online Forms from one area.

Useful Link

In the right hand column of each page you can access any internal or external links that may be linked to the service

External Links

Links to useful websites

Translate this page

Some pages can be translated into a different language 

Online forms

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