Transfer Premises Licence

A transfer of premises licence is required when a business or organisation involving licensable activities is sold or transferred to a new owner, freeholder, leaseholder, etc. 

A transfer of licence only changes the identity of the holder of the licence and does not alter the licence in any other way.

The transfer can be given immediate effect upon the receipt of an application by the Licensing Authority, which is West Somerset District Council. This is to ensure that there is no interruption to normal business at the premises.

If the police raise no objection to the application, the licensing authority must transfer the licence in accordance with the application, amend the licence and summary accordingly and return it to the new licence holder.

In exceptional circumstances where the Chief Officer of Police believes the transfer may undermine the crime prevention objective, the police may object to the transfer.   In these circumstances, a notice is served on the local authority and a Panel Hearing will be required.

The transfer process may not be used to change the licence, other than as detailed above. If you wish to alter licensable activities, operational hours or make structural alterations, a variation or a new premises application will be required.

 You will need to include the following in your transfer application:

  • Fully completed application form
  • Signed consent of the existing Licence Holder
  • Relevant fee of £23.00
  • Original licence (or the appropriate part of it) or a statement of the reasons why the premises licence cannot be produced
Copy to Police

A copy of the application must be served on the Police within 48 hours of serving the application on the Licensing Authority. You must send a copy of your application to the Police at Liquor Licensing Bureau, PO Box 3259, Kenneth Steele House, Feeder Road,

Once your application has been determined, you must notify the transfer to the Designated Premises Supervisor, if that person is not yourself.

See also 'Change of Designated Premises Supervisor

Apply on line to Transfer a Premises Licence or download application forms which can be found under related documents.

Gaming Machine Permits

Where a Premises licence is transferred to a new owner, freeholder, leaseholder, etc and gaming machines are installed or intended to be installed in the premises, application must be made to the Local Authority for the relevant permit under the Gambling Act.   

For further information contact the Licensing Unit on 01984 635282