Licence Applications Pending Determination (Licensing Act 2003)

Recent applications for Provisional, New or Variations to Premises or Club Premises Certificates

Local Authorities must advertise on their website:
  • applications for the grant of a premises licence
  • applications for the variation of an existing premises licence (except where the variation is to include the alternative licence condition for community premises, change of DPS or transfer of licence),
  • applications for the grant of a Club Premises Certificate
  • applications for the variation of a Club Premises Certificate, and
  • applications for provisional statements.

The applications must be advertised on the website for a period of 28 days from the day after the day on which the application was given to the local authority.

Details of current applications, including the date for representations, can be found under Related Documents on this page.  If no details are listed, then no applications are pending.

Details on how to make a representation can be found on the Representations/Objections page.