Visual Display Equipment

Frequent use of display screen equipment can lead to health problems if not properly controlled. Common complaints include eye strain, stress, hand and wrist problems and neck and back ache.

The Display Screen Equipment Regulations apply to all work stations which use this equipment. It does not apply to laptop computers, calculators, cash registers, window typewriters, public and portable systems.

You must ensure that:

  • Risks presented by equipment and work stations are assessed
  • Risks are reduced
  • Work is planned to include breaks or changes in activity
  • Information and training is provided to users of equipment
  • Eyesight tests and where necessary spectacles are provided
How can you reduce risks?

In your assessment you could consider the following:

  • Space - can staff move freely? Are they comfortable?
  • Equipment - can staff adjust the height of their chairs and reposition equipment? Can screens/blinds be used to avoid glare?
  • Lighting - Do lights flicker? Is the lighting level at least 200 lux (lux level is the intensity of the illuminance that is required at the working place within the required area)?
  • Temperature - Can heating be adjusted so as not to cause discomfort?
  • Foot rests - Do staff require footrests to improve their comfort?

Remember to involve your work force in the assessment, as they know what problems they encounter when using display screen equipment.