Climate Change Strategy

Welcome to our Climate Change Strategy

Climate change is happening, and it’s happening now.  Your views and thoughts count – help us to help our environment and our pockets…

Do you know these facts about West Somerset?

  • Installing insulation into 5,500 electrically heated homes would save our local economy at least £3.5m and reduce our CO2 by 20,000 tonnes year.
  • Currently, grid-imported electricity cost the district’s domestic sector an estimated £20m pa.
  • Moving 5% of households to wood fuel would prevent £0.3m leaving the district.
  • If 10% of diesel transport switched to biodiesel, expenditure would be reduced by £1.4m.

Rising energy prices and climate change affect everyone. More than £80m is spent on energy in West Somerset every year and all this money leaves the local economy.  Our environment and our pockets are suffering.

West Somerset is expecting milder wetter winters, and sea levels are predicted to rise.  We need to prepare for these changes.  By reducing our CO2 emissions we will reduce our reliance on fossil fuel energy. 

‘Developing a Low Carbon Economy’ ™ is our community strategy to reduce our CO2, to prepare for the changes ahead and to stop money wastefully leaving the local economy.