The Council has 28 District Councillors (also called "members") elected in 16 wards. Some wards have more than one Councillor.

Councillors are elected every four years to represent all the residents of West Somerset and make decisions about the work and spending of the Council.

The political structure of the council is: 20 Conservative, 2 Independent, 2 UKIP, 3 Liberal Democrat and 1 Labour.

The Council has a Conservative administration and the Leader of the Council is Cllr Anthony Trollope-Bellew.

Find your Councillor

If you already know your ward or Councillor, you can use our Find a Councillor search button below for their contact details.

Or you can search for your ward and find out who your Councillor is by postcode on the website

Contacting your Councillor

If you wish to contact a Councillor please use our Contact your Councillor online form. The writetothem website does not guarantee that a message sent via their site will be sent.

A full list of Committees and a Council Meetings Calendar are also available. Agendas, Reports and Minutes of meetings are available by using the meetings calendar.