Council Tax Twelve Monthly Instalment Plan

Council Tax payers are able to pay their monthly instalments over the whole financial year (twelve months) instead of the usual ten.

To request twelve monthly instalments please complete the Council Tax Twelve Monthly Instalment Plan online form.

Please be advised that if a bill is issued part way through the year the number of instalments allowable for the rest of that year will be counted from the date the bill is issued to the end of the following March.

If you currently pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit your Direct Debit monthly plan will be amended on receipt of your request to include the months of February & March (depending on the bill issue date).

Once your request has been processed an amended Council Tax bill confirming your new instalment plan will be issued.

Important: If you have recently received a Council Tax final notice or summons please contact our Customer Service Team on 01643 703704 to discuss your payment options.

Any general enquiries about this application should be made to: West Somerset Council, West Somerset House, Killick Way, Williton, Taunton, Somerset TA4 4QA – Tel 01643 703704 or email