Council Tax Recovery

If you do not pay your Council Tax or pay late, you may be subject to recovery proceedings.

Council Tax is a yearly charge normally paid in ten monthly instalments (or by twelve monthly instalments on request), starting in April. Your bill must be paid by the 1st of each month. Your bill shows your payment dates and amounts.

Any changes to your Council Tax account will cause an amended bill to be sent to you.

You should make payment according to your latest bill.

If you do not pay as specified on your bill, we will issue the following:

  • a reminder notice
  • If payment is still not made then a Final Notice will be issued
  • If payment is still not made then a Summons will be issued, including additional costs
  • If payment in full, including costs, is still not received then we will seek to obtain a Liability Order from the Magistrates Court. This incurs further costs and allows us to pursue further action

If you are in arrears with your Council Tax and wish to discuss payments or the action being taken against you, please contact us as soon as possible.

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