Voting in Person

If you want to vote, you must be registered first. You can register up to 11 working days before the election. If you have not registered, please visit the registering to vote page.

A poll card is delivered to everyone who is registered to vote a few weeks before the election. This card tells you about the election and the location of your local polling station.

If you lose your card, do not worry. If you go to your polling station and give your address, the staff there will then issue you with your ballot paper.

On the day…

  • Go to your polling station
  • Show the staff your poll card, or tell them your name and address. They will check that you are registered and mark you off on their register. They'll also give you a ballot paper (your vote)
  • Take your ballot paper to one of the booths and confidentially mark it as required
  • Place your ballot paper in the ballot box - you have now voted!

If you have any further questions please contact us.

Polling stations

Polling stations are the places you go to vote. A poll card will be delivered to you before election day, which tells you which polling station covers your area.

Opening times

Polling stations open at 7am and close at 10pm for all elections. NO votes can be issued outside of these times.

Keeping your vote safe

There may be people outside the polling station trying to find out how you have voted. They are called 'tellers'. You do not have to supply them with any information on your vote. However if you wish you can tell them your name, address and elector number, but it is best to do this after you have voted.