Licensing Committee

The Purpose of the Licensing Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to act for the Council in respect of licensing, registration and environmental protection functions.  The Committee's powers include the power to discharge the licensing functions on behalf of the licensing authority, as determined under the Licensing Act 2003 - in practice this will normally be undertaken by the Licensing Panel; to determine licences for hackney carriages/private hire vehicles and their drivers and operators; to determine licences for market and street trading etc.

The full role and functions of the Committee are set out within the Council's Constitution together with the Terms of Reference, which can be found on this page.

Membership of Licensing Committee

11 seats in total

8 Conservative

3 West Somerset Opposition

Name Political Group
Cllr R P Lillis (Chairman) Conservative
Cllr D J Westcott (Vice Chairman) Conservative
Cllr S Y Goss Conservative
Cllr A Kingston-James Conservative
Cllr J Parbrook Conservative
Cllr R Thomas Conservative
Cllr N Thwaites Conservative
Cllr K H Turner Conservative
Cllr I Aldridge West Somerset Opposition
Cllr T Venner West Somerset Opposition
Cllr I Jones West Somerset Opposition