Call-In Procedure

1. The request to Call-In a Cabinet decision must be made by at least five non-executive Members. 

2. The Call-In request must be received by the Member Services Officer within five working days of the decision being published.  This means that any decision which is capable of being Called-In (see below) cannot be actioned until the sixth working day after the decision has been published. 

3. The Call-In request should be made on the appropriate form.  An initial supply of forms will be provided to each Member and further copies will be available upon request to Member Services.

4. Upon receipt of the Call-In request, the Member Services Officer will inform the people listed below of the topic of the Call-In request: Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee; Leader of the Council; relevant Cabinet Member (Portfolio Holder); Chief Executive; Monitoring Officer; relevant Unit Manager.

5. The Member Services Officer will arrange for an item to be included on the next Overview and Scrutiny Committee agenda and will arrange for a report to be compiled giving details of issues to be considered. 

6. At least one of the Members requesting the Call-In will be required to attend the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to explain why the Call-In request has been made and to present any appropriate documents. 

7. A representative from the Cabinet should attend the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to give the Cabinet’s viewpoint and answer any questions. 

8. The Overview and Scrutiny can make any one of four decisions regarding the Called-In item: 

(a) Do nothing and let the decision stand without review. 

(b) Refer the matter back to Cabinet with a recommendation that the decision be reconsidered taking into account factors x, y. 

(c) Refer the matter to Council if it is a policy or budgetary issue which is of particularly high local significance and public interest. 

(d) Refer the matter to Council if the Committee believe that Cabinet have acted outside of the agreed framework. 

Note: If the Chief Executive and Leader believe that a decision needs to be implemented within a certain timescale and the agreed Schedule of Meetings does not have a relevant meeting timetabled to allow the Call-In to be discussed, an extra meeting of the relevant body will be called, in accordance with Standing Orders. 

9. The Chairman of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee will attend Cabinet/Council to present the Committees findings. 

10. The following decisions CANNOT be Called-In: 

(a) Cabinet recommendations to Council.

(b) Cabinet decisions which followed the receipt of advice of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. 

(c) Decisions falling within the Terms of Reference of Council’s Decision Making Bodies other than Cabinet or the Scheme of Delegation. 

(d) Decisions of full Council.

(e) Decisions of Council Tax Benefit and Housing Review Boards (until July 2001). 

(f) Decisions of any Disciplinary Appeals Panel. 

Note:  The process used to make decisions in (c) - (f) above can be examined under the Decision Review process - Report No. CMS 26/00 refers.