Trade Union Facility Time

What is in this data? The data describes trade union time.
Licence Our data is provided under the terms of the Open Government Licence.
Why we publish this type of data This dataset is a requirement of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.
How often is it published? We will publish this data annually.
What does each column mean?

This file contains one row describing

  • number of staff who are union representatives
  • number of union representatives who devote at least 50 per cent of their time to union duties
  • names of all trade unions represented in the local authority
  • an estimate of spending on unions
  • an estimate of spending on unions as a percentage of the total pay bill.
What formats are available? csv - which can be used with most spreadsheet style programs.
pdf - which can be viewed as a document
How to ask for more information If you have queries with any of the information listed in the data, please contact us on 01823 356309 specifying what additional information you require.