Senior Officer Salaries

What is in this data? The data describes the remuneration of our employees who earn over £50,000 per year. These are our top three tiers of staff.
Licence Our data is provided under the terms of the Open Government Licence.
Why we publish this type of data This dataset is a requirement of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.
Other related information. Salary information is also published annually in the council's Statement of Accounts.
How often is it published? We will publish this data annually. Latest data compiled at March 2018.
What does each column mean?

Please note that all of these officers are shared between Taunton Deane Borough Council and West Somerset District Council and consequently the salary information shown is shared between the two Councils

For each post within the top 3 tiers of our structure we provide:

  • Organisation Name 
  • Post Title
  • Statutory Role
  • Tier
  • Terms and Conditions and Job Evaluation Status - The job evaluation scheme is not applicable to Chief Officer posts. The salaries of Chief Officer posts are evaluated against local market data provided by South West Councils.  This data provides salary details for comparable Chief Officer posts within comparable district/borough councils. Responsibility for Shared Function
  • Salary
  • Whether bonus or performance related pay applies
  • A breakdown of other benefits
  • Whether any enhanced pension contributions were made by the Council.

Additional payments are made by Central Government to officers carrying out additional duties at elections.  These payments will only be received when elections take place and vary according to the responsibility undertaken.

What formats are available?

pdf - which can be viewed as a document.

How to ask for more information If you have queries with any of the payments listed in the data, please contact us on 01823 218743 specifying the name of the file you are referring to, and what additional information you require.