Bruce Lang, Assistant Chief Executive & Monitoring Officer

Bruce LangBruce Lang, Assistant Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer, joined West Somerset Council in 1980 and undertook a range of roles covering central administration before becoming Committee Services Manager in 1993, and economic development, becoming Enterprise and Development Manager in 1996.

In 2002 Bruce joined the Corporate Management Team as Chief Regeneration and Development Officer and was designated  as the Council’s statutory Monitoring Officer and in 2009 became Corporate Director including being the Council’s Returning Officer, Electoral Registration Officer and Proper Officer.

In his role in the Joint Management Team, Bruce is responsible for the core functions of Democratic Services, Elections, Legal Services and Communications and Public Relations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Monitoring Officer for both Councils
  • Member / Democratic development and support
  • Scrutiny development and support
  • Leadership of Corporate Governance agenda
  • Development and delivery of sound constitutions
  • Support to Town and Parish Councils
  • Support to CE in Head of Paid Service role
  • Legal Services
  • Communications and PR
  • Elections
  • Returning Officer for WSC
Post Details

Grade: Assistant Chief Executive

Contract Type: Permanent

Salary: £66,072 spot salary

Contact Details:


Tel No: 01984 635200