Health & Wellbeing

Every person living in West Somerset should have the right to enjoy good health and wellbeing to enable them to live, work and prosper in our community. The Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Somerset sets out a shared vision for improving the health and wellbeing of all residents with a particular focus on making improvements for the most vulnerable.

The responsibility for Public Health returned to councils in 2013.  Although most of the statutory responsibilities now sit with Somerset County Council, West Somerset Council has a key role to play in community health protection and improvement in our district.  The public health reforms provide the Council with the opportunity to improve the health outcomes for our local population, through the continued delivery of such service provision as housing inspections, environmental services, tackling fuel poverty and supporting economic growth. 

West Somerset Council does not provide health care.  Attached is a directory of local services being delivered by the community and voluntary sector in West Somerset for the benefit of people seeking help with their health and wellbeing.  The following external web links may also be helpful. 

Health Services in West Somerset

NHS Choices provides health information including a list of dentists, doctors surgeries, hospitals, opticians and pharmacies within West Somerset.

Somerset's Health and Wellbeing Board

This Board brings together the NHS, local authorities and communities, giving local people more opportunities to get involved and have a bigger say. See the Somerset County Council website for more information.

Joint Needs Assessment - West Somerset

The latest analysis for health and social care within the district of West Somerset can be found by visiting the Somerset Intelligence website.

West Somerset Healthwise Newsletter

An information newsletter for the residents of West Somerset who are patients of the six GP surgeries in the district. West Somerset Healthwise Newsletter (932kb pdf)

Healthwatch Somerset

Healthwatch Somerset is the organisation that champions the consumer interest of all those who use health and social care services in Somerset. Their job is to be active in the local community involving people, assisting people and putting forward the community's views about health and social care issues.

Healthwatch Somerset would like to hear about your experiences of health and social care services in Somerset and to make sure that organisations that provide services take your views into consideration when planning and providing those services. Healthwatch will also provide you with information about the health and social care services available in your area. Visit Somerset Choices to find local services at


You can reach your local Healthwatch in the following ways:


Telephone: 01278 264405


Twitter: @HWatchSomerset