Minehead Vision Group

Minehead Vision Group is a collective of organisations who recognise the benefits of working in partnership to support socio economic development activity in Minehead.

Since May 2010 the group has developed a Vision, Strategy and Action Plan for the town to ensure that all partners can work collectively to achieve common goals.

The Vision

The Vision states:

“In 2020 Minehead will be a thriving, prosperous, safe and attractive town, with access to quality services and facilities for residents and businesses alike”.


Priorities identified by the group include:

  • Developing an overarching economic plan (that compliments and adds value to existing strategy and policy)
  • Ensuring that the local population have access to the appropriate skills and training they need to realise potential, gain employment and grow business
  • Further provision and development of a range of cultural and leisure facilities and activity
  • Enabling access to a wide range of services and facilities, both for residents of Minehead and its hinterland and visitors to the area.
  • Supporting community safety initiatives
  • Continued and cohesive involvement of the key stakeholders in working to realise the vision and harnessing wider community engagement.
Delivering the Vision

Steps have already been taken to start delivering the town vision. Recent projects include:

  • The opening of Minehead Information Centre, which has seen the community, facilitated through Minehead Development Trust, take over an empty shop in the Avenue.
  • New signage to help link areas of the town and encourage visitor dwell time.
  • Active community input to progress enhancements to local parks and to rejuvenate the Regal Theatre as part of the development of a cultural quarter for the town.

The group was recently successful in gaining Coastal Community Team Funding. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/coastal-community-teams-to-take-control-of-seaside-regeneration 

To read more about what has been achieved to date, see the Minehead Vision Group Booklet under "Related Documents" on this page.


The Visioning Group is currently comprised of representatives of the following organisations:

Representing general business / tourism interests
  • Minehead Chamber of Commerce 
  • West Somerset Railway
  • Butlins
  • The Regal Theatre
Representing the Voluntary and Community Sector
  • Minehead Development Trust
  • Engage West Somerset
Representing the interests of young people
  • Minehead Eye
Representing Skills Development and Learning
  • West Somerset Community College
  • Somerset Skills and Learning
  • Minehead Transition Town
Local Authority Representation
  • Minehead Town Council
  • West Somerset Council
  • Somerset County Council

The Group is currently chaired by Cllr Roger Thomas.

The Group is facilitated and supported by West Somerset Council. For more information please contact Corinne Matthews – Economic Regeneration Manager Tel 01984 635287 email cmatthews@westsomerset.gov.uk