Minehead Portas Pilot Bid

A collective of partners in Minehead will be submitting a bid to government, which aims to secure £85,000 for projects to help push forward a positive image of the town focusing on a reputation of grandeur, vibrancy and opportunity.

We all know that many of the elements that make up this picture are already in Minehead but the bid will help emphasise what’s good about the town, address negative aspects and collectively market the town to a wider audience. Put forward within the bid are the following:

Visual Imaging

An opportunity for the town to “dress to impress” by assisting business owners and markets improve facades, umbrellas and awnings.

Training and Workshops for Business Owners

Workshops to advise on appropriate marketing for local businesses. This will also consider ways of working collectively to promote the town.

Minehead Loyalty Card Scheme

To encourage return visits to the town the scheme will offer rewards to loyal Minehead customers.

On Street Vibrancy

High Streets are meeting places as well as shopping places and the vibrancy element will help create a buzz in the town centre through the addition of street performers.

Town Marketing

As well as increasing general marketing, the bid will aim to increase the use of social media and apps to assist with promotion of the town.

For further information about the Portas Pilots visit  www.communities.gov.uk/news/newsroom/2136594

View the video submitted as part of the Minehead application below.