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Council Tax

Temporary Delays

Customers using West Somerset Council’s Revenues and Benefits service are being advised of potential, temporary delays due to a new computer system being installed. See Press Release for more details.

Pay your Council TaxPay your Council Tax

Details of ways to pay your Council Tax including online & direct debit.


Moving HouseMoving House or Change of Circumstances

If you are moving into West Somerset area and will be paying Council Tax for the first time, or if you are moving house within or out of West Somerset you should let us know straight away.

Discounts and ExemptionsCouncil Tax Discounts & Exemptions

The Council Tax that you have to pay can be reduced if you are able to claim a Council Tax discount or are entitled to Council Tax Benefit.


Electronic BillingRegister for Electronic Billing

Receive your Council Tax demand notices electronically through email.


Council Tax FormsCouncil Tax Forms

Online and downloadable Council Tax forms.



Council Tax InformationAbout Council Tax

Council Tax Charges, Bandings, Your Guide, Recovery.

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