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Stogumber Neighbourhood Plan

Ref PDF Date
SDNP EX02 Examiners initial Questions 27 February 2017
SDNP EX01 Procedural advisory note from Examiner 01 February 2017

During Regulation 16, between 18 November and 13 January, the following representations were received:

Ref PDF Date
SDNP R14 West Somerset Council 12 January 2017
SDNP R13 T Howe 03 January 2017
SDNP R12 Sport England 22 November 2016
SDNP R11 SCC - Mineral & Waste 11 January 2017
SDNP R10 R & A Howe 04 January 2017
SDNP R09 Natural England 12 January 2017
SDNP R08 N Delaney 09 January 2017
SDNP R07 Lynton & Lynmouth 21 November 2016
SDNP R06 Historic England 10 January 2017
SDNP R05 Highways England 22 December 2016
SDNP R04 Exmoor National Park 06 January 2017
SDNP R03 Environment Agency 12 January 2017
SDNP R02 Crowcombe PC 06 January 2017
SDNP R01 Cllr Trollope-Bellew 08 December 2016

In December 2016 Stogumber Parish Council and West Somerset District Council appointed John Mattocks to examine the Stogumber Neighbourhood Development Plan.  It is for the Examiner to set the scope and content of the Examination.  His role will be to recommend on the NDP compliance with legislation, whether it can progress to referenda and ultimately be adopted as planning policy.

In November 2016 Stogumber Parish Council submitted a proposed neighbourhood development plan to West Somerset Council.  In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations the Council is inviting representation between 18 November and 13 January (two weeks longer than the statutory figure in the regulations due to the Christmas holiday period).  Consultation documents including full details of what the consultation involved can be viewed on our consultation website or be viewed below. All representations received will be passed the Independent Examiner.
Ref PDF Date published
SDNP S07 SNDP SEA Screening 18 November 2016
SDNP S06 SNDP Basic Conditions Statement  18 November 2016
SDNP S05 SNDP Consultation Statement 18 November 2016
SDNP S04 SNDP Stogumber Neighbourhood
Development Plan
18 November 2016
SDNP S03 SNDP Neighbourhood Plan Area 18 November 2016
SDNP S02 Representation Guidance Notes 18 November 2016
SDNP S01 Representation Form   18 November 2016

In January 2014 Stogumber Parish Council applied for the designation of a neighbourhood area for Stogumber Parish with a view to preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for Stogumber following designation.

The proposals were subject to public between Friday 14th February 2014 and Thursday 27th March 2014.  A response report was considered by the Local Development Panel on the 8th April 2014, following which the Council resolved to designate the Stogumber Neighbourhood Area, as shown on the plan in the consultation documents, on the 30th April 2014.

Details of the Neighbourhood Area designation including a map of the area designated and the designation notice may be viewed below.

Ref PDF Date published
SDNP D02 SNDP Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation Notice
and Map
03 June 2014
SDNP D01 SNDP Neighbourhood Plan Area Consultation 14 February 2014

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