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How to make an application

There are two methods for the submission of a Building Regulations Application which are Full Plans or Building Notice. 


A Full Plans application will be assessed by a Building Control Surveyor for compliance with the Regulations. A Decision Notice will be issued within the prescribed period (normally 5 weeks). 

  • You will have the certainty that providing the building work is carried out in accordance with the approved plans, that the minimum requirements of the Regulations will be satisfied.
  • An Approved Notice can be presented to financial institutions, solicitors, surveyors etc when seeking loans or moving house.
  • The approved plans will be most useful as a working document for the builder.
  • Possible additional cost of having plans prepared.
  • Need to programme work to allow sufficient time for application to be processed.
Building Notice

This procedure is only available to domestic properties. If you choose this option detailed plans are generally not required. A greater emphasis is placed on the site inspection process. However, if the work involves drainage a layout plan is necessary. Further specialist plans and details can be requested during the course of the work dependant upon the complexity of the scheme.

  • Saves time and cost by not having to prepare and submit detailed plans.
  • Works may commence within 48 hours of receipt of a valid application.
  • No approved plans to work to. Whilst the Building Control Surveyor will endeavour to provide advice and guidance on meeting the Regulations, costly remedial work may be necessary if the work carried out does not meet the minimum requirements of the Regulations.
  • Contractor estimates may be inaccurate without full design information being available and may lead to disputes.
Building Control Charges & Inspections

All Building Regulations Fees for controllable building work in West Somerset are determined on an individual basis, based on the type and scope of the proposed work.

An individual inspection regime will be agreed for every project.

No charge is made for pre-application guidance.

For more information please contact the Building Control Service directly on 01984 635275 or e-mail


We are always looking for ways to improve the Building Control service. Please let us know what you think about our service by completing the Building Control satisfaction survey on our West Somerset Says website.