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Meeting of the Avon and Somerset Police Panel

    Meeting of the Avon and Somerset Police Panel

    Meeting of the Avon and Somerset Police Panel

    Friday 07 December 2012

    The Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Panel will meet on 10 December at at North Somerset Councils’ Council’s Castlewood Offices, Clevedon, the first meeting after the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner Ms Sue Mountstevens.

    The Panel is part of the new accountability arrangements for policing in the Avon and Somerset force area. The Panel will monitor and scrutinise the performance of the new Police and Crime Commissioner, who was elected in November to oversee policing in Somerset and the former county of Avon.

    “The Panel is there to support and challenge the role of the new Police and Crime Commissioner.  We are happy to hear from the public but we are not there to monitor the performance of the police force itself as that is the role of the new Commissioner” said Cllr Nigel Ashton who chairs the Police Panel.

    The dates of the meetings planned so far are:

    • Monday 10 December 2012
    • Wednesday 9 January 2013
    • Wednesday 6 February 2013
    • Wednesday 27 February 2013
    • Wednesday 5 June 2013

    Statements and questions should be e-mailed to or faxed to 0117 92 22146, or sent to Bristol City Council, Democratic Services Section, Room 220, The Council House, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR
    (marked for the attention of Patricia Jones).

    The Panel now has three independent Panel members who will work alongside councillor members from across the Avon and Somerset force area. They are:

    • Brenda Steel , Ilminster
    • Rosa Hui, Bristol
    • Roger Kinsman Oldland Common, South Gloucestershire.

    “We are pleased to be joined by our independent members who, after a full recruitment process,  were chosen for their knowledge, skills and expertise,” said Cllr Ashton.

    A full list of members and dates for the meetings is available at

    The role of the Police Panel

    Panels are being introduced in each force area to examine the actions and decisions of each PCC. These panels will make sure information is available for the public so that they can hold their PCC to account.
    Panels will support and challenge PCCs when they carry out their functions. They will not replace police authorities and will not have a role in scrutinising the performance of the force.
    Panels will focus their attention on important strategic actions and decisions made by the PCC, this will include whether they have:

    • achieved the aims set out in their police and crime plan and annual report
    • considered the priorities of community safety partners
    • consulted appropriately with the public and victims

    More information from Vicky O’Loughlin  on 0774746 0496