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Emergency grants for flood victims announced

    Emergency grants for flood victims announced

    Emergency grants for flood victims announced

    Monday 10 December 2012

    Somerset County Council has provided £50,000 for immediate relief to flood victims to be administered by Somerset Community Foundation (charity no 1094446) under our Surviving Winter programme.

    We are already receiving additional donations to build this fund from the public and are also beginning to collect other offer of help such as accommodation and furniture.

    Emergency Relief Grants

    Our first priority is to swiftly get financial help to people whose homes have been flooded during November 2012.

    We call these ‘Emergency Relief Grants’ and they will take the form of a flat-rate payment of £250 to help with the most immediate needs. A simple application form is attached to these guidelines. All we will require is some basic details and confirmation that your home has been flooded during the November 2012 floods. The form must be independently countersigned by someone in a position of authority who can confirm you have been flooded.  For example this could be a local parish councillor, member of the clergy, or someone from emergency services.

    Application Form (132kb pdf)

    If you need help in filling the form out, please call us on 01749 344949.

    Further support

    As the impact and need becomes clearer in the coming days and weeks, and as more funds become available to us, we will launch further rounds of grants.

    In some cases these may be additional grants to the most vulnerable households that have been flooded – and receipt of an Emergency Relief Grant will not affect your eligibility for further support -  but we will look at options for supporting other parts of the community also.

    We are particularly keen to hear from local charities and community organisations/facilities that are either helping people affected by the flooding or have themselves been damaged by floods.

    Whether you are eligible for an ‘Emergency Relief Grant’ or not we would like to hear from you to understand how the floods have affected you and your community. We cannot promise to meet every need, but it will help us assess priorities for using the funds available to us. Please e-mail